What are Party Boards?

A party board is a fun event sponsored and donated by a host or hostess (you☺) to support our awesome Maplewood School Community. Go crazy with ideas! The sky is the limit on this one, Maplewood! These tend to be some of our biggest money makers, so start brainstorming now for a great event. Worried about doing it alone, go in with a friend or another family and cohost an event. Either way, it will be a great time and you will find yourself more connected to your Maplewood family afterwards.  If you would like to submit an idea for a party board click HERE

Some ideas for party boards to get your brain juices flowing…

1. S’more party at your house
2. Summer BBQ
3. Special cultural themed dinner
4. Special crafting night
5. Ladies night out at your house
6. Ladies night – Workout and drinks at a local bar
7. Game night (Bunco or Poker are some ideas)
8. Brats and beer night
9. Kids night out (parents night off) or kids craft night.
10. Host a pool party for kids or movie night.
11. Do you have a special skill set? Share it! Host a small clinic at your house and serve drinks and or food alongside. (Gardening, Canning, Art, Projecting, Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Beer Brewing, etc.)
12. Do you have a great beach or mountain getaway – host a girls or guys weekend away!
13. Your ideas… start brainstorming!

Some quick tips for party boards…

1. Find friends that you would like to host a party with and brainstorm ideas on what to do.

2. Decide on a budget that everyone will be comfortable with. Think of the money you spend as your “donation” to the auction/school. Reimbursements will NOT be issued.

3. Pick a date for your event – this way people know when they sign up.

4. Determine the location and # of attendees you’d like host.

5. Determine or suggest the pricing per person for your party. Typically, kids’ parties are $20-$25 per child and adult parties are $40-$50 per adult BUT the pricing may vary depending on the scope of the party (cost of alcohol, food, equipment, etc). Contact Amy Grabenhorst – agrabenhorst1@gmail.com if you have questions or need help with this.

6. The host(s) do NOT need to purchase a ticket for their own privately donated and hosted parties. However, if you are working with a group on a grade-level party/event at the school or public location, you should buy a ticket for your child.

7. You can go out and get donations for your party! Ask your favorite vendor if they’d be willing to donate their facilities, food, drinks, etc.

8. Want to attend with your friends – make sure to get to the auction so you can sign up in time!


Thanks so much and we look forward to attending your great events!