What is the Bridge the Gap Campaign?

Bridge the Gap is an opportunity for our community to come together to support our school. All gifts, big or small, are greatly appreciated. Donate Here, or check out all the ways you can help down below. Everyone that donates will receive a fun Maplewood window decal. 

We are halfway to our goal. We need to raise another $20,000 to hire two Educational Assistants for the next school year. For donations to count towards the 2022-23 school year they must be made before June 30th, 2022.

The Campaign will run from May 9th – 19th, 2022. 

Donations can be made as:

  1. One-time
  2. Recurring Monthly
  3. Check – made out to Maplewood Foundation
  4. Company Matching – see if your company matches!

Donations are 100% tax-deductible. To learn more about Maplewood Foundation visit www.maplewoodfoundation.com 

We have an awesome and generous community. THANK YOU Maplewood Parents, Family, Teachers, and Staff!

What is the Maplewood Foundation?

Maplewood Foundation believes that ALL of our children deserve the resources and opportunities to achieve their highest potential to be productive, respectful, self-reliant, and responsible citizens who value the richness of diversity. Our teachers and staff always go the extra mile to ensure that our children receive the best education possible–and this year our children have made tremendous progress.

Our Foundation focuses on raising funds to provide educational support for ALL students at Maplewood. Each year the district gives the school a budget but some years the budget is not enough to cover critical staff such as our librarian or Educational Assistants (EAs). Raising funds for the upcoming school year makes it possible to hire staff before the start of each school year.

Teachers, Staff, and Community Involvement

Our teachers and staff are getting involved! Each day during the campaign, we will share a video from our teachers and staff that offers encouragement, hope, and the need for your support. Each person that donated will receive a Maplewood leaf window decal.

Thank you,

Maplewood Foundation Team

503.901.9813 / maplewoodfoundation@gmail.com