Community Strong - Maplewood Elementary

We are entering a school year of unknowns. We don’t know what school will look like for us this year and we don’t know when we will get to reenter the building. But, we do know how much our community and school mean to us. Our children deserve to have all the resources they need; we want our kids to have the most opportunities that make an impact on their education. Currently our teachers and staff are going the extra mile to ensure that our children receive the best online education possible. Not only our teachers, but our staff create a positive learning environment for our children. 

What is the Maplewood Foundation?

Our Foundation focuses on raising funds to provide educational support at Maplewood. Each year the district gives the school a yearly budget. Some years the district has made cuts to our library, teaching positions, or staff which makes it difficult to anticipate what positions we are raising funds for because it changes year to year. Raising support for the following school year makes it possible to hire staff before the start of each school year. Traditionally, our Foundation holds an auction in the spring that brings in the majority of our funds. We are able to do this by procuring donated items and bundles from local businesses around the area. We have no idea what businesses will be able to give this year, and we can’t let this uncertainty affect how we support our school. 

Raising Support

With our yearly goal set to raise 75k, we have to create new and innovative ways to raise funds for our school. Creating a giving campaign will make planning for next year easier and ensure continued educational staff at Maplewood that gives all our students the attention and focus they deserve. I know that raising funds for next year is not ideal during a pandemic, but the reality is we still need to prepare for the future to ensure Maplewood has what it needs to thrive. We want to encourage participation; no amount is too small! We want you to share this with your neighborhood, your company (company matching!), and family (grandparents!). We believe if we come together as a community, we can do amazing things! 

Specifics of the Campaign

The Campaign will run from October 5 – 12, 2020

You can donate here: Maplewood Foundation page and there are two options when donating:

  1. Recurring Monthly Donation 
  2. One-time Donation 

Visualizing our Community Impact

100 families @ $20/month = $24,000       

200 families @ $20/month = $48,000         

300 families @ $20/month = $72,000

Donations are 100% tax deductible. To learn more about Maplewood Foundation visit 

The Current Climate

I know that many in our community are feeling stressed and anxious due to the many challenges of this year. Families are experiencing economic hardships or being displaced from fires, all while trying to help our children with distance learning and balancing our jobs. We are asking families that are able to donate, to consider supporting the Foundation. If you are not in the position to do so, that is 100% ok. There are other ways you can support Maplewood! Click here.

Teachers, Staff, and Community Involvement

Our teachers and staff are getting involved! Each day during the campaign, we will share a video from our teachers and staff that offers encouragement, hope, and the need for your support. With every donation you will receive a Community Strong! yard sign. Let’s light up our neighborhood with community pride because together we can make an impact!

Thank you,

Maplewood Foundation Team

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