Auction FAQ

Our biggest fundraiser of the year
is our annual Auction.


What is the Auction?!

2019 was the 8th annual Maplewood Foundation Auction fundraiser. Each year this is an exciting evening consisting of: a silent auction, food & drinks, a live auction, paddle raise – and we finish off the night with a dance party!! Pay attention to posted times – you don’t be late, or you may miss out on some fantastic items as the silent auction tables close.

What should I wear?

Each year we pick a fun theme for our event. We have found that Maplewood parents get really enthusiastic about a costume party! But costumes are NOT required. We are just happy to have you there. Look for updates about next year’s theme!

Who does it benefit?

The money is used for the sole purpose of hiring additional staff members for Maplewood. In past years we have needed to use Foundation dollars to hire a PE teacher, or save our beloved librarian – Elin Kordahl. More recently, those ‘specials’ positions have been covered by Portland Public School’s budget, so we have been hiring support staff in the form of Educational Assistants.

What is our goal?

Each Spring, Principal Bailey decides what our need will be for the following year. The dollar amount, or goal, of our event is based on that need. It can vary from year to year.

Is the money that I spend tax-deductible?

Some things are valid for tax deduction, and some things aren’t. Money spent during the paddle raise is 100% deductible. Event tickets, and silent auction items are not usually eligible for a deduction – but it’s best to always consult with a tax expert!

More questions?!

Don’t hesitate to ask! Email us at:




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